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Photo Tips 



I know, you have read the manual to that new camera you purchased just for your vacation. It is an idiot proof camera just point and shoot.  "Wait what's this, some buttons that will change things??  What do I do with them? Maybe I should just leave them alone."

Every week or so I will add a new tip.  These will be some real simple things you can do to make your pictures better.  Most of them are inspired by the mistakes I see tourists making everyday on the boat.


 TIP # 1.

Turn on the flash!!!



The only difference between the two pictures above (other than Capt. Chris's pose) is that I had the flash turned on for the second one.  When I say on, I mean on.  Not on automatic but ON so that it fires all the time.  Not just when the camera thinks it is needed.  The flash is almost as helpful in the bright sun as it is when it is darker.  It eliminates shadows and that usually unwanted "silhouette" affect.

Try it next time You will be happier with your outdoor photos.


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